News Item: Record number participate in Kennebec fishing tournament
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Posted by Lucy
Wednesday January 30, 2019

Record number participate in Kennebec fishing tournament 
The Kennebec Town & County Club held their annual ice fishing tournament Saturday and Sunday, Jan. 26 & 27. Fishermen had their choice of fishing three area lakes; Lake Byre, Brakke and Fate for the biggest walleye, bass, northern and panfish. This year a total of 43 teams participated, the most teams in the history of the tournament. The weather was cloudy with moderate temperatures in the 20’s and 30’s both days. The tournament concluded with weigh-ins at the Prairie Dust Bar at 3 p.m. Sunday, pictured are the 2019 winners; l-r: Brennan Lockwood, daughters Avery, standing and Brynlee and Eric Storms, kneeling, Chamberlain, total team weight of walleye for 14.96 lbs; Jaenise Link, biggest northern, 10.3 lbs.; Dale Lebeda, biggest bass, 5.10 lbs; biggest pan fish, kneeling, Barrot Lillebo, .15 oz perch; biggest pan fish, Harley Hoogendorn, .15 oz crappie; and Marchelle Carson, biggest walleye, 8.5 lbs. Jim Ryon was the winner of the grand prize, an ice auger; Steph Hespe won the underwater camera with remote control; and Darrell Sterry won the Mossberg 30/06 Combo shot gun that was donated by Barrot Lillebo, with all the proceeds going to the Kennebec Town & Country Club.

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