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Tuesday January 27, 2004

A week ago Sunday, Don, Melinda, Liam, Katie, and Allie McManus hosted supper, cake and ice cream for Ron and Ruth Ann McManus; Jason and Jessica Hyde; Dale, Sherry, Quinn, Bailey, and Drew Lulf; Troy and Monica Swanson, Pukwana; Rodney Mick and Mary Mick, Kennebec, to honor the 6th birthday of Brady McManus.

Lyle and Leola Peterson hosted supper Friday evening, January 16th, 2004, to celebrate the 6th birthday of Trenton Peterson, Kennebec. Royal Peterson, Richard Quick, Alliance, Nebraska, Garret and Darrin Peterson, Kennebec, and Robert Travesie, Lower Brule, joined the group for supper, ice cream and cake.

Devotional Coffee met last week with 8 in attendance.

Lyle, Leola and Royal Peterson were in Pierre Friday for Lyle's doctor appointment.

Verlyn Gruenig was a Saturday supper guest in the Lee and Jean Anderson home.

LeRoy Choal was a Monday evening visitor in the parental Gaylord and Sue Choal home.

Louise Goldy, Sioux Falls, was a Sunday visitor in the Joe and Myrna Kubik home. She was enroute to her home in Sioux Falls after visiting in the home of her daughter, husband and family, Kara, and Dallas Kubik and family, Presho.

Phoenix and JaNelle Choal and LeRoy Choal were Thursday visitors in the grandparental Gaylord and Sue Choal home.

Kara and Dallas Kubik and family, Presho, were Sunday evening visitors in the parental Joe and Myrna Kubik home. They brought Joe a banana bread pudding.

Last Wednesday evening, Harry and Marge Jansen, Mission, visited in the Lloyd and Lynette Marken home.

Diana Peterson, Pierre, took Donna Peterson to Rapid City, Monday; Tuesday she underwent out patient surgery. The ladies returned to Donna's home Tuesday afternoon. Diana stayed to care for her mother until Friday.

Trinity Lutheran Church Bible Study will be held Thursday evening, January 29th at 7 P.M. at the Lloyd and Lynette Marken home.

George and John Quillin, Kennebec, visited in the Donna Peterson home last Thursday afternoon.

Harold Hubbard, Chamberlain, was a visitor in the Bob and Gladys Stewart home Friday; he was a supper guest also.

Marilyn Wagaman; Alan Suhl, LeRoy Wagaman, and Leonard Buum, Chamberlain, visited in the Loraine Suhl home during the week.

Bob and Gladys Stewart were in Chamberlain Saturday.

Sunday Donna Peterson attended the soup supper at St. Mary's Catholic Church.

Larry Peterson was a Wednesday coffee guest and visitor in the Bob and Gladys Stewart home.

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