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Posted by Kim
Tuesday February 03, 2004

Dear Editor:

Two years ago schools from across the state engaged in a challenging and unprecedented research and writing project designed to memorialize our state's WW II casualties.

As a result, Fallen Sons and Daughters of South Dakota in WW II at contains over 2,100 biographical profiles. Most of these profiles include photos, personal facts, service accounts, circumstances of death/burial, citations, and survivors. Clearly this effort was a success due to the collaborative efforts of our citizens, schools, and state government.

If only we had no more need for remembrance projects of this sort. However, now we must turn our attention to Fallen Sons and Daughters of South Dakota in Korea. There are admirable efforts underway in South Dakota to recognize Korean War veterans for their service; therefore, Spearfish Middle School eighth graders are collecting only that information which relates to our war dead. As with WW II, the expanded list includes not only deaths by hostile action but also non-hostile causes.

In Lyman County we are searching for information on Dale E. Clutter and Robert B. Ransford.

Posted on my Website at is my current complete list of casualties along with a form that outlines the information we are seeking for each casualty. Please write to: sheilahansen© or Sheila Hansen, c/o Spearfish Middle School, 525 E. Illinois, Spearfish, South Dakota 57783, if you have information to share and/or the name of a casualty to add.


Sheila G. Hansen

Spearfish Middle School

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