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Posted by Kim
Tuesday February 10, 2004

Centennial celebration needs support of community to succeed

In preparation for the upcoming centennial celebrations of three Lyman County towns I've been looking through old newspaper clippings and photos of past celebrations.

I came across the following article written by Lyman Co. museum curator Barb Auither, taken from the August 27, 1980 issue of the Lyman County Herald following Presho's Diamond Jubilee.

"WOW! WHAT A CELEBRATION! It was truly spectacular and should go down in history as the largest event staged in Presho thus far. See if you can top it, Jubilee Committee of 2005."

Her column continued, "It would have been impossible to have carried it out without the super good co-operation of the WHOLE community! This includes the surrounding areas, especially the Kennebec people who participated by bringing in many floats from their great parade of the week before-also Murdo, Winner, Pierre, Colome, Belvidere, Vivian, Draper, Chamberlain, and last but not least the classy Hill City Fife and Drum Band. There were 120 entries in the parade."

I found it interesting that she left the people of Presho this challenge nearly 25 years ago.

Centennial committees have been formed to plan each town's celebration. The towns of Reliance, Kennebec, and Presho will host celebrations in 2005 while Vivian will celebrate their 100th the following year, 2006.

Unfortunately, the county lost a wonderful museum curator and historical society supporter when Barb passed away some years ago. Let's not let Barb down. We need to heed her words and try to top the Diamond Jubilee held in 1980. You can tell by the way she typed the words in her column that she was adamant about the fact that it was "the co-operation of the WHOLE community" that was responsible for the Jubilee's success.

A centennial celebration won't happen on it's own and it won't happen with just a few people doing all the work. While you may think 2005 is a long way off it will be here before you know it and a great deal of planning needs to be done before then.

There are many decedents of the original pioneer families that built our towns still living here. While our towns have seen many changes over the past 100 years we are still here and that is worth celebrating in 2005.

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