News Item: [b]New scoreboard donated to Kennebec Gym[/b]
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Posted by Kim
Monday January 05, 2004

Linda Gerard, branch president at BankWests Kennebec branch looks over the new scoreboard donated by BankWest

by Lucy Halverson
The gymnasium in Kennebec went through a major refurbishing last summer when new flooring, bleachers, and basketball hoops were installed.

Thanks to BankWest of Kennebec one more item has been replaced.
Lyman School staff members installed a new scoreboard, donated by BankWest, at the Kennebec gym Monday, December 29.
BankWest, with branches in many communities across central South Dakota is a strong school and community supporter according to Kennebec branch president Linda Gerard.
BankWest donated the old scoreboard in the Kennebec Gym back in the early 1980s. That scoreboard will be installed in the gym in Vivian, stated Gerard. BankWest has a branch bank located in Vivian

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